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Your next book: Rise to the Rahz

"A cool mix of Wool, Red Rising, and Mistborn."  - Ben Wood And here's what another reader said: Ris
Your next book: Rise to the Rahz
By Erik van Mechelen • Issue #18 • View online
“A cool mix of Wool, Red Rising, and Mistborn.” 
- Ben Wood

And here’s what another reader said:
Rise to the Rahz grips you from the get-go, and will have you reading from chapter to chapter desperate to know what happens next.
The intricate, and realistic underground cavern is clearly well-thought out. Each element of the world serves multiple-purposes: to show the world, progress the plot, reveal characters, and create conflict. Some details that are passed over as simple world-building gain story significance as time goes on, which speaks to how well the world fits together.
Rise to the Rahz presents a unique cast of characters who each has their own role to play for the crew to survive. You will find yourself eager to learn more about each of them, their experiences and set of skills. And, they each have their own goals, which as you might have guessed, do not always align.
Surprisingly, Rise to the Rahz has deep philosophical underpinnings that help the novel transcend beyond the typical fantasy story.
Ultimately, the society within the underground and its characters reflect the attitudes and beliefs of people in our own society. You will find yourself identifying with various characters as you learn more about them and empathize with their perspectives. This makes conflict within the story especially powerful, because you can understand where each character is coming from, and you are not always sure who you want to come out ahead.
This book is widely accessible to nearly all readers from any genre. Much of the “magic” which puts this book into the realm of fantasy could be considered what is humanely possible taken to an extreme. And, it is not used to simply solve problems at the swish of a wand and a poof. As a result, the reader is not forced to suspend their disbelief frequently, since the world could be one that exists in our own today, if only undiscovered.
I highly recommend reading this book, since it is a captivating, thrilling, and engrossing journey. Give it a read!

For fantasy readers who like prison escapes and mental puzzles.
For fantasy readers who like prison escapes and mental puzzles.
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