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Seeking Cognitive Estrangement - Issue #19

In the last couple of months, I published my first novel, Rise to the Rahz, and am nearing the public
Seeking Cognitive Estrangement - Issue #19
By Erik van Mechelen • Issue #19 • View online
In the last couple of months, I published my first novel, Rise to the Rahz, and am nearing the publication of my second, Sound of Stone.
This week’s curation may seem disjointed, arguably because it is! 
Last night I attended a Behavior.MN meetup, where Taylor Larsen spoke about identity as an influencer on behavior and vice versa. The exercise he asked us to do, which involved writing down what identities (what you’re good at, who you think of yourself as, what your responsibilities are) you had 10 years go in 2008, 10 years from now in 2028, and in the current place. The point of the exercise was to demonstrate that change and often underestimate how much we change. 
One of mine that was consistent was Writer. 
To me, writing is a kind of way of life, a central part of what it is, for me, to be alive. By writing I am compelled to think, and, how wonderful and challenging it is to think! 
I noticed, also, however, that my concept of what kind of writer I was, am, and aspire to be, is not the same. In the past, I was a fledgling, spritely character who submitted to a university short story contest because my creative writing professor urged me to. Now, I consider myself to have reached novice level, which has specific meanings to me, and for me, personally (in my world completing two novels helped me reach novice level). In the future, well, the idea is I will strive greatly toward an ideal which, I must admit, shifts slightly from day to day. But having that ideal is, I’ve realized, important in order to strive for anything at all.
Other identities I came up with included: game designer, content marketing, fiction writer, fiancée (but only for a few more months!), athlete, recreational musician, and citizen. 
Having finally finished my first two novels, I feel I’ve entered a new territory where my intellectual curiosity is noticing, observing, and playing again. Hard to describe, but perhaps you’ve noticed similar having woken from a deep sleep after a one too many days studying or partying. 
This newsletter will likely change in the coming months. I’m not sure exactly how. 
If you want to know what I’m up to now, please go ahead. 
And if you got value from any of the articles I shared with you, don’t thank me (too much), thank the authors :) 
Best, Erik
Have fun finding something cognitively estranging!

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